Wednesdays are for what I wore…

Hey all! My name is Kate and I am the lady behind Peas and Pearls. I want my site to represent who I am while showcasing what I love! To give you a little background I am a mommy of two with a BAS in Nutrition Science. I am a nutritionist aspiring to become an RD which has been a journey in and of itself…whew lemme tell you. My site will be a little fashion, a little nutrition, and hopefully a whole lot of laughter!  I hope it inspires you!!

So, I decided for my first post that I would start on Wednesday, with what I wore. As this site moves along I hope to do a week of outfits, however as it stands….I have one. It is one of my favorite sweaters. You know, one of those things you can always rely on to fit just the way you want it to, while making you happy, and feel good about yourself. Your best friend sweater! I purchased mine from Torrid last year after season, I love it when things work out like that! Here are a few snapshots of my so called best friend sweater! I hope you enjoy, stay with me as I try to improve quality and get my flow with this blogging thing! Please comment below for anything you want to see me style or write about!

With Love and Laughter,


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