Foodie Friday

As anyone who has read my profile knows, my background is in Nutrition Science. SO, needless to say I have a love of food and everything that entails. I love knowing how it works, how it reacts with your body, how to cook food, but I REALLY love eating food! With that in mind I have two children and a husband who don’t really appreciate my background and the health food that ensues. Making food for a family can be challenging sometimes when you want to feed them something good for their bodies, and their taste buds. I hope to share recipes with you that my family has approved of or that I find too good not to share.

The first recipe is a rendition of my mother’s vegetarian lasagna. I used to ask for this on birthdays and anytime she was feeling generous enough to ask what I wanted her to make for dinner. I know….I’ve always been a weird child. Now the only problem is that I live with my husband, who for the most part feels that a meal should consist firstly of meat and the rest is relatively inconsequential. This meant I had to change the execution of said lasagna to make the hunny happy and keep the kiddos interested in something that contains *GASP* green things!!!

The recipe is relatively easy, however I do have one thing to add. In the photo I show whole wheat noodles. This was my first time using these and as it stands the taste was great but I chose to cook the noodles before setting them in the lasagna. That was a big mistake. The noodles broke apart and I ended up having to play Tetris with the remains. So I would say, make this the night before with uncooked noodles, then bake the following day or choose a different brand of noodles. With that said here is the story of the lasagna.

Not My Mom’s Vegetable Lasagna

Temperature: 375°C

Time: 45 minutes cook time

Serves: About 9


1lb ground turkey

1 onion

3 cloves of garlic

1 pack of lasagna noodles

1 10oz. pack of thawed spinach

1 16oz container of cottage cheese

1 bag of mozzarella cheese

1 jar of chosen pasta sauce

Italian Seasoning

Garlic Powder

Salt & Pepper

1.      Preheat oven to 375°C. Sautee onion until translucent, add garlic and cook until fragrant. Add ground turkey, and a tablespoon of Italian seasoning, salt and pepper, cook until no longer pink.

2.      Cook lasagna noodles per instructions.

3.      Remove spinach from package, and squeeze dry. (This is important)

4.      Use a 13×9 or 11×7 pan, either will work

5.      Once they are all complete start the puzzle work. Personally, I layer sauce, meat, spinach, noodles, cottage cheese and mozzarella. I like to take the Italian seasoning and the garlic powder and sprinkle some between each layer. Finishing the top layer with cheese.

6.      Bake lasagna for 45 minutes. Allow time to cool and settle before dishing.


Now in true new blogger fashion I took a picture of some of the ingredients and not a very comprehensive one at that. I also forgot to take a picture of the finished product because, lets be honest, I was hungry, and I am new at this thing okay?  I promise to be better next time!  Please enjoy this recipe and let me know if you like it! Until next time.

IMG_1930 (2)


With Love and Laughter,


P.S. Speaking of my mother! She has started her own blog! Check her out!

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